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How To Setup Printer

Welcome on Today we will guide you How to the Setup printer. The printer is very easy to set up and use we can set up a printer on multiple devices such as Windows computer, Mac computer, smartPhone, Ipad, and tablet. There are two different modes of configuration available to setup printer .wireless printer setup and or regular printer setup by connecting the USB cable. Now check required system configuration, Install the printer software and Driver, and Printer Setup install.

Common issues During Printer Installation and Setup

  1. Cartridge missing issues.
  2. Printer Status offline.
  3. Software and driver missing issues on Printer.
  4. Unable to Printer Document.
  5. Slow Printing Issues.
  6. Slow Printer performance.
  7. Printer Not Printing Clean

Printer Faq’s

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Wireless Printer Set UP Installation

Install Printer on windows (10,8) PC.

Before Installing Printer on your windows computer ,you must need to meat basic requirement and configuration ,to Install Printer Software and Driver Installation.

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