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How To Install Printer

Printer Installing Using Windows Built-in Printer Driver is very Easy to is the guide to add a printer on the computer and start printing Setup.

Printer Installing Using Windows Built-in Printer Driver.

Before You turn on the printer connect it with computer and then Turn on the printer

  1. Turn on the computer.
  2. connect Computer to the internet.
  3. Turn on Your Printer

Once your printer connected properly to the computer.

  1. Open Control panel
  2. In Windows Search for Change Device Installation setting.
  3. In the Change Device Installation setting, Select yes(recommended ), and click the save changes.
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Install the printer on the computer Using USB Cable Connection.

  1. Turn on the Printer and Computer, and Connect Computer to the Internet.
  2. Use the Printer connectivity USB cable. connect printer and computer.
  3. One your printer connected properly to the computer, You will get a notification on your computer Display “Found new hardware”, Then click prompts notification on the computer and follow the step and start printing. If you don’t get a prompts notification about printer on your computer then make the sure connection between printer and Computer and Change Device Installation setting.

Wireless Printer Connection To Your (WI-FI) Network

Connect the Printer to your WiFi Network.

  1. Make Sure Printer, Computer and Router are on.
  2. Make sure the Same Network or wireless connection for Printer Computer and Router,
  3. No Need to connect any USB cable or Ethernet cable to the printer, In order to setup Wireless Printer
  4. On Printer Control Panel, Select Setup, Network, or Wireless Menu.
  5. Click Wireless Setup Wizard on the printer, and Follow the instruction display on the printer.
  6. Print Document, to make sure the printer working or not.

Printer USB Connection to Windows (10,8)

First Install windows buit-In Printer Driver and Software for USB connection to windows 10 and windows 8.

  1. In Windows, search for and open Control Panel.
  2. Select Device and Printer
  3. Select Add Printer Option.
  4. Choose a device or printer to add in this PC Windows, Select your Printer Model or name.
  5. Click Next, and follow the instruction display on your computer screen, and Setup Printer successfully on your windows (10,8) Computer.

USB Connection to Printer Using Windows (7,Vista)

To Setup Printer on Windows 7 and Vista operation sysytem, first you have to install window built in Printer Driver in order to connect printer to computer.

First, connect your printer to Computer and download printer built-in driver and software.

  1. pen Control Panel on your computer

2. Select the Device and Printer.

How to Install Printer on Windows 7

3. Click add Local Printer, and search for your printer model name or number.

how to install printer on Windows Vista

4. Select your printer from the search device list.

Add printer on Windows Computer

5. Select Use Existing Port to setup Printer.

Printer Install Setup on computer

6. Click Next and Follow the instruction display on the computer.

How to add and install Printer Driver

7. Print a Document to test the printer setup.

Set up Your Pinter on Chromebook Computer

How To Connect Printer to Chromebook Operating System (OS)

It’s Very Easy to Print from Chromebook Computer , In order to Connect printer to computer you have two way connect printer to computer and start Printing From Chromebook.

  • Using Wireless or WiFi Network Connection
  • Using Wired network connection
  • Currently Chromebook operating System does not support Bluetooth Printing Connection.

Connect Chromebook (OS) to Printer Using USB Cable

  1. Printer Connection to google Chromebook Operating system is very simple. First Tun on your Chromebook and printer, and use your printer USB Cable To connect printer directly to Chromebook computer .
  2. Once You properly Connect computer to printer ,you get a notification or Prompt Message On your Chromebook computer screen. Click the notification on computer and follow the instruction, and you will be able to connect printer to the computer successfully.

Wireless printer Setup Connection on Chromebook PC

How To setup and connect wireless Printer on Chromebook.
  1. You can setup your printer in these simple Step.
  2. Connection To the Internet.
  3. Turn on the Computer and Printer .
  4. Connect your Printer and Chromebook computer the Same WIFI or Wireless Network Connection.
  5. Follow the instruction on computer .
Print a Document
  1. To check the Printer ,try to from your Chromebook PC.
  2. Click To “Destination” and select Down arrow .
  3. Select See More Option ,
  4. Select your Printer From the list .

If You Don’t see Name of your printer in list, then try to add your Printer manually on Chromebook.

How To Add Printer On Chromebook

Adding Printer on Chromebook PC, its very Simple.

At bottom Right Corner , Select the Time

Then Select Setting .

How To Add Printer On Chromebook

At bottom right ,Select advance

Under Printing , Select Printer

Under “Available Printer to save”, next your printer , Click Save.

Ensure that yore printer will appear at the top ,Under “Save Printer “

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