How do I use my driver to connected network on windows 7, (Setup WIFI network on win 7)

How do I use my driver to connected network on windows 7, (Setup WIFI network on win 7)

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Are you facing problem while connecting your window 7 computer to WIFI so here is solution for you.

Basically you will  be having  different type of condition.

#1 You already install WIFI driver on your window 7 computer, but getting Red cross sign on network icon bottom left corner of you computer screen.

So now what you need to do if already install wifi driver on you computer.

Step 1- click on Start bottom .
Step 2- click on control panel.
Step 3- Open network and sharing center.
Step 4– change Adapter settings.
Step 4- now select you wifi network name and right click on wifi network
Step 5- now first Disable the network
Step 6- Then Enable the same network which you disable

After that you will be successfully connect window 7 to wifi network.


#2  You don’t have driver install on your windows 7 computer .
Then you will get red cross sign on network icon at bottom left corner of your computer screen.

Now If you don’t have Wireless network (Wifi) Driver install on you windows 7 computer.
Step 1- First Install Wireless network driver on your windows 7 computer .
Step 2- Once you install the driver, you won’t be able to see red cross on the
network icon ,it means you are ready to connect your computer to internet or wifi network.

Now how you will install Driver

First you have to download wireless network driver or (wifi) driver
Make sure the the Driver you are going to install should be compatible with your computer Model.
Guide how to download driver.
Let me give you a example .
Let suppose you are using Dell computer , then you can Download Driver from
 Second Option
Open google Search Box and type there …like
Wireless Network or (wifi) driver for window 7 32bit
Wireless network or (wifi) driver for window 7 64 bit
or you can also search like this

For Example ..i am using dell 15R N5010
Wireless network driver for Dell 15R N5010 download.
So these are the way, to download driver.

If you install driver and  setup all other thing like Router,  but Still getting yellow Triangle ,

Unidentified network No Internet access .

#1 In order to receive this issue , you guys have to Open Control Panel 

#2 Network and Internet.

#3 Network and Sharing center , or it can be open directly from bottom left corner by click on Network icon.

#4 Now click on Change Adapter Settings 

#5 Now you will be able to see your Network Connection Name

Now click on Disable and make that Enable ,

Or if Its Enable Then make it Disable, This way you will update your wifi driver and connected to the internet.

# Once you done it and still getting No internet access or yellow triangle .Then Check you Router also contact your internet provider.

# Make Sure wifi key  need to  be ON.

Fix your wireless Network Connection Watch the Video now

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