You are currently viewing Google Search engine 20th Anniversary Celebration and new Announcement 2018

Google Search engine 20th Anniversary Celebration and new Announcement 2018

Happy Birthday Google September 2018

Google LLC celebrate its 20the anniversary on September Monday 2018. Google officially founded on 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Google has become world largest search engine

Google set a new target on its 20th Birthday at their event in Sen Francisco. Google are dedicated to improve future of online search.

Here are the Google announcement on its 20th Birthday

Active Card, Google feed is now Discover, Collection, google revamps image search Result.

Google are going customize their leading search engine in order to Improve search result and providing best user search experience with visual and spontaneous to the point to be answered.

Google search now customized with Ai feature.

It’s also using AI in to order to make search more relevant on certain topic which we search on google.

Aim is now to make google search engine more attractive so that more user can engage.

In simple world google search engine will customized with latest feature, so that more users can encourage to explore google search.

These are the most important announcement made by google

Google announce that they’ll be more Discoverable, by hay with these latest new feature which google announced on their 20th birthday

Google also announced that, it’s what sounds like machine learning to help users discover the most helpful video content for their search queries.

Google work on AI Machine learning both the are the core technique in order To make google search engine more friendly more powerful more accurate and also maintain and organize information .aim is to make information reliable accessible to everyone.

Google now focusing on mobile users the as new announcement tools and feature are going to change google search interface for mobile user. Aim is encouraging mobile user interest and explore more topic on google search.

Google feed is now Discover

Google feed is now officially call Discover .as for the latest announced update discover will be google mobile app. The aim is simple to engage mobile users, make them interest on google search. Google mobile app will include content like YouTube videos, news, spots highlight, which will based on user interest and search type.  Discover app will be more personalized I order to allowing user Customized their content on discover tab. Google also says that the sound like machine learning help user discover the more powerful video content as for their search queries.


This feature of search engine will help users to get more search suggestion on their queries and track the previous search content. It will based on user search content by users, as well as it will based on other content which user will saved.

Activity card Feature

Google also announced Activity card option will helps users to retrace their search history .It means if users search about any topic on google in past with this feature users can retrace their search activity.

Image search result Google also announced that now user can have more search context while using image search result. Let me take an example it will shows more research result, search result will strongly match with search queries, same search item will appear on top of the will give more suggestion for the quires.

Google also introduce Search Lens which will work with the help of AI. This technology will help user, and will answer their question on picture they take, and it will available on google image search result, which are going to help the user to provide them best and accurate search result. With the google lens, user can take a picture by google lens.

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