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Google AdSense approval in 2019

Hello friend first of all I wish you happy New Year 2019, and I also want to say all the best for those who are starting blogging in 2019. Today I am going guide you few easy tips and guidance in order to approve google AdSense account in 2019.As we all knows google AdSense is one of the best advertising network in the market till now. Earlier google AdSense approval was very simple but now I don’t want say it is difficult to get google AdSense approval in 2019, but I will say its required only hard work and dedication and I am sure you will get success.
So here are some basic point you must need to know before you apply for google AdSense account.
Content For google AdSense approval process according to my experience content play big role for you to get quick AdSense approval.
The uploaded content must be unique weather you upload Image or article.
Never upload any copyright content on your website and blog.
Nerve do copy past meaning is that if you are copy image and post from other website or other sources and then uploading that content on your website your account will be rejected.

Website or blog design

The website Design is also matter in the AdSense Account Approval process. It is very important that your website design fulfill AdSense Eligibility Criteria .For Example the Pages, Categories should be in correct format and make sure do not make large pages. You Design your Website in any programming Platform Such as WordPress, PHP etc. When you design your website make sure that you did not create multiple pages in the website.

Required Page for AdSense Approval

About us.
Contact us.
Privacy and Policy.
Terms of use

Google AdSense policy

AdSense program policy need to mention on your Privacy Policy Page.

Website Domain

Domain play big role in google AdSense approval process I will suggest you apply with top level domain extension for Example Com, .Net, .org.
Now According to my experience I will suggest you all people out there please be genuine when you are applying for google AdSense, and I am sure this way will always give you positive result.
Now I hope this post will help you to get AdSense approval in 2019.And if you guys find this post helpful make a comment below also if you need any help related AdSense Approval in 2019 contact me I will help you.

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